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Discover Your Emotional and Mental Maturity Level


Answer each set of questions with a ‘Y’ for Yes, that is just like me; a ’N’ for No, that is not like me at all; or a ‘ST” for Sometimes that is me. After answering, the last page has an explanation of your answers.

Level One

__ You avoid people you have conflict with instead of work it out.

__ You feel like you are mistreated by just about everyone.

__ You have given up hope and have no motivation to try to make a situation better.

__ You feel abused by others in authority and you see it as using you for their advantage.

__ You do not take a stand on anything so you’re not opposed.

Level Two

__ Being opposed makes you angry and upset.

__ You feel like you have to have your way or you have the right to be selfish to get your way.

__ You hold grudges that make relationships hard.

__ You come across aggressive to get your way, so others will back down.

__ You struggle against other perspectives and often rebel verbally.


Level Three

__ You can be forgiving because it makes you look like you are the ‘bigger person’.

__ You can collaborate with others to look like a team player, but push your agenda.

__ You are trustworthy because it gives you the upper hand to use info to manipulate.

__ You can work together to make yourself look good.

__ You are concerned with how others perceive you so you portray good characteristics.

Level Four

__ You are not genuinely interested in others nor interested in listening.

__ You do not see the need to contribute if you won’t get recognition.

__ You never seek other’s advice.

__ You could care less about how your actions and words affect others.

__ You see other’s burdens as their own problems to deal with.

Level Five

__ You cannot be friendly after a disagreement.

__ You cannot be quiet and often your words only fuel debate that you try to win.

__ You cannot learn from difficult situations and seem to repeat them.

__ You take things personally.

__ You cannot be in harmony with those who oppose you.

Level Six

__ You want others to hear you and want them to understand you, but can’t do that in return.

__ Joy depend on circumstances. Bad circumstances, no joy.

__ You fume hearing opposing perspectives and see how you can change it to your own.

__ You don’t care about the talents of others and how it could work in conjunction with yours.

__ You are set in your ways and see no reason to learn anything new.

Level Seven

__ You hyper-focus on what others stand for and value that is opposed to your own values.

__ You cannot apply logic, experiences and knowledge to situations. You only use feelings.

__ You cannot see past, present and future all at once to discern how to handle a situation.

__ You see everything as a problem you have to deal with.

__ Your love and respect is conditional and you judge based on your set of beliefs.

Which level did you get the most ‘Y’ Yes? ____ This is the level you currently ‘live’ on. It is your weakest. You may have more than one.

Which level did you get the most ’N’ No? ____ This is your strongest level.


Level ONE is the most detrimental to your emotional and mental health. It is also the level where you experience the most health problems like depression, anxiety and fear.

Level TWO people have a lot of anger issues.

Level Three are people who are only out for themselves and probably exhibit Level Two characteristics when opposed.

Level FOUR is the start of having a positive emotional and mental health.

Level FIVE, SIX and SEVEN are people who put other’s needs, feelings and well-being before their own. These are the levels to strive for.

What level is your weakest? What level is your strongest?

Stepping UP may be difficult on your own, but with God’s help and my guidance, anything is possible.

To clarify what you stand for and what you value to build relationships, gain confidence and lessen the affects of negative emotions, click the box for more details.

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