Tips for Adoptees


  1. Place your TRUST in something higher; out of this world higher. God is working behind the scenes in your favor to help you find identity, worth and FIND PURPOSE in your story.

  2. Be your own starting line. Find worth regardless of your beginning, your rearing or any choices made for you. What you stand for and VALUE is the foundation you launch responses from.

  3. DECIDE what do to in reunion before reunion happens. Don’t overwhelm with the hurtful past. MOVE FORWARD as one getting to know a good friend. Share in small chunks.

  4. Decide what to do if relationships do not form.

  5. Before any meeting or conversation, decide how to hold out FORGIVENESS and GRACE so others do not retreat.

  6. EDUCATE! Decide not to get triggered with someone else’s perspective so you can INFOM with gentleness and graciousness. LISTEN without judgement. Listening is a great gift that does not require understanding.

  7. Realize, ADOPTION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. It was a decision made from guilt, shame, fear and lack of support in many people’s heart.