Tips for Adoptive Parents


  1. Place your TRUST in something higher; out of this world higher. God is working behind the scenes in your favor to offer comfort, hope and assurance.

  2. Present adoption to your child as part of their life story long before they can comprehend the meaning with children’s books and stories. DON’T KEEP SECRETS; that fosters betrayal. They always find out.

  3. REASSURE your child with actions and words they are UNCONDITIONALLY loved and yours forever with all the same rights as a biological child.

  4. Be forgiving, full of GRACE, clothed in PATIENCE, abounding in love for your child’s emotions, curiosity and for biological family if they arrive in the story.

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  6. Your child will be CURIOUS about their biological family. That does not mean they love you less. Prepare beforehand what is age appropriate and FOSTER their curiosity with facts.