Tips for Birth Mothers


  1. Place your TRUST in something higher; out of this world higher. God is working behind the scenes in your favor to heal, mend and comfort.

  2. For your own well-being, DEAL WITH GUILT, shame and loss before reunion. If reunion does happen, relationships will have a better chance to grow when burdens are not a roadblock.

  3. Trust is earned more with actions than with words.

  4. DON’T OVERSTEP the boundaries adoption creates. You have a new role with different parameters. Staying within those parameters alleviates adoptee and adoptive parent fears.

  5. Don’t allow past mistakes to define you now. Your are a DIFFERENT PERSON than when you placed (hopefully).

  6. PREPARE answers for your child if they contact you. Be able to tell them facts and medical history if they want. Keeping it from them is another betrayal and rejection.