For Those Who Love Us

  1. Place your TRUST in something higher; out of this world higher. God is working behind the scenes in every situation whether you understand it or not.

  2. HEAR. LISTEN. You may not understand, but hearing does not require understanding.

  3. Don’t assume adoptees feel grateful. That may be a foreign concept to an adoptee.

  4. Everyone has different vocabulary and definitions for the same word. Be aware of each person’s preferences. It’s okay to ASK.

  5. There can be deep wounds for women who deal with adoption issues.

  6. There are so many reasons why women relinquish a child. DO NOT ASSUME anything and realize those women are not the same now than they were back then.

  7. Adoptees, adoptive moms and birth mothers can all have deep wounds from adoption in different ways. They are all valid and very personal and one does not invalidate the other’s feelings, experience and need for connection.