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Character: Ponder Positivity

Luke 2:19, "But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart."

Ponder is one of my favorite words. I believe if everyone would ponder a little more and not be so impulsive with their words, actions and reactions, the world would be a safer, better place. I mean, what would happen if someone soberly pondered what would happen if they killed someone when they drove drunk? What would happen if someone carefully considered their pain before they shot up? What would happen if someone reflected on the hurt they would cause their spouse, children and family if he had an affair? What if someone deeply thought about the wounds they gashed with the words they spoke?

How have you made someone contemplate your motives when you have acted badly? What have you been ruminating over lately? Finances? COVID? School kids? What have you been chewing on in the last several months?

What did Mary ponder? She could have pondered how she was treated when her family found out she was pregnant but not yet married. She could have pondered sitting on a donkey while 9 months pregnant. She could have pondered how there was no room at the Inn.

However, she pondered on what the shepherds told her the angel of the Lord told them. They told her not to fear. They told her good things would happen to all people. They told her the baby was the Savior. They told her they saw a multitude of heavenly hosts. She pondered on the positive instead of being impulsive.

What can we learn? Pondering and mulling over the positive and those things that have weight in our future can be more beneficial than being impulsive and destroying things that could be beautiful in our future.

Ponder on the positive. It really does create positive pathways in your brain.
Stay the course. Don't let struggles derail you.
Seek higher. Aim higher.

What do you ponder? Negative or Positive? Gratitude or Attitude?



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