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Retrain Your Brain

Did you know the pathways of your thinking form deeper and deeper ruts depending on where you allow your thoughts to travel?

Yesterday I was with my husband on the four wheeler checking cows in the pasture. There was an obvious trail we could see as we went from pasture to pasture counting 44 cows. The trail was formed because our four wheeler pressed down the grass often leaving a visible, smooth path.

Similarly, our thinking carved out pathways and makes them smooth as well. But, what thoughts are you carving out? Are your 'brain ruts' deep with sarcasm, nagging, gossip, anger, frustration, anxiety and loathing?

You can train your brain to intentionally focus on something different. Basically, steer your brain onto a new path. At first it will be bumpy and hard to maneuver. There will not be an obvious, visible path. You will have to carve it out. You can forge a new trail with compassion, grace, joy, service, hospitality and love. Make those Nuro pathways deeper and deeper and replace the ones that are already formed.

While the new ones are being formed, grass is growing over the old path. It is becoming less and less visible. And it will disappear. The new path will become the new, easy way.

What will you do today to retrain your brain to drive down the positive path?

I would love to help you retrain your brain. Are you ready to be intentional and put more compassion, love and joy into your life?



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