Conversations on Purpose for Women


Summary; 10 Sessions; In Person, Video Call or Phone; $400 ($300 Valentine Special until Feb 15th)


Session 1: Prepare to Achieve Your Dreams: Determine Your Characteristics and Relationships


Session 2: Define Your Roles, Core Values, Spiritual Habits and Beliefs


Session 3: Assess Your Motives, Fears, Regrets and Mistaken Thinking 


Session 4: Determine What Inspires You, Your Successes, Miracles, Your Passions 


Session 5: Awaken Your Life Message and Your Heart’s Burning Desire


Session 6: Transform Negative Life Pattern


Session 7: Discover the Value of Nurturing Yourself


Session 8: Analyze Your Perspective


Session 9: An Exercise Between God and You: The Power of Surrender and Prayer


Session 10: Plan of Action to Achieve Your Dream 



This customized plan is designed with YOU in mind and uniquely focuses on your dreams, goals, plans and actions to make them a reality. Weekly worksheets are sent to you before our session that can be done In Person, on the Phone or via Skype.


All ten sessions for only $400, helps you surrender bad habits and negative thinking, enhance the importance of self-care and helps you attain peace through an Eternal perspective. (Two installments of $200 available.) 

Contact us to get more information or schedule your sessions via email. 

Conversations on Purpose Summer

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