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Erin E. McEndree is a certified Life Purpose Coach and Mental Health Coach for women. 


Stress and anxiety have skyrocketed in the past few years. Along with long lasting stress and fear comes hopelessness, apprehension and despair. Can you relate? Erin shares strategies to eliminate limiting beliefs and behaviors and move her clients far beyond the tethers of worry and uselessness.


Going through a transition? Need to navigate a new season? Need to work through past events that have followed you to the present? Feeling stuck with no motivation? Let Erin help you make meaningful goals and a workable plan to activate positive change. 


Erin walks alongside her clients to help them understand and accept their life story by evaluating values, beliefs and motivations. Shifting perspectives is her #1 strategy to help her clients be who they forgot to be and walk in their purpose. 


Erin’s coaching style is different from most. She uses her experience with adoption to encourage her clients to align themselves with tried-and-true Biblical concepts that have been around over 2000 years. She can help women see results in the first week if they apply the concepts. It is as simple as discovering what you can say YES to in life.


Erin's holistic approach is beneficial. “It is important to view all the facets of a person as one because they all effect one another. I evaluate the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and relational health together rather than breaking them up into fragments.”


If you need a slight adjustment, big changes or a major overhaul, Erin can help you achieve your ideal self by applying Biblical principles to help you aim higher in every aspect of life.

Want to see if coaching is right for you? Let's chat. Click below to schedule a 30 minute free session. Looking forward to hearing from you! 
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