Ephesians 1:5

In love he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will.

To adopt is to take by choice as your own. It could be a good work ethic, a positive attitude or in my story, it was me. My parents adopted me as an infant. I like to say I was theirs before I was born because God was working in the background the whole time to mark out my appointed time in history and the place where I would live. God did this so that I would seek him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us, Acts 17:26-27.

My parents had strategies to help me feel accepted, loved and wanted that I want to share with adoptive parents and those seeking to adopt. Those methods, whether they knew they were doing them or not, made me feel secure and content even in the not knowing.

As an adoptee, I've realized it was my choice to adopt my family and situation back. I have learned many strategies for acceptance, renewal and healing that I want to share to help others in similar situations.

And for the birth mothers, I want to share how I learned forgiveness and grace for a very difficult time in your life.





Hi, my name is Erin E. McEndree. I am a Professional Certified Life Coach. My passion is to help those who feel rejected, fearful and guilt-ridden find acceptance, confidence and contentment using my journey through adoption. I want to help you be who you were always meant to be regardless of who raised you and where you grew up.  

Your story is your biggest asset that is all yours, all unique, never to be replicated and useful to others not matter how painful. 

Let me help you uncover the God-anointed purpose of your life's story and live in peace and purpose everyday.

Want to see if coaching is right for you? Let's chat. Click below to schedule a 30 minute free session. Looking forward to hearing from you! 
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