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  • Erin E. McEndree

The Lord has never been more near than when he was creating you and knitting you together in your mothers womb. God created you and all artist love their creation. When we are born, there becomes a chasm between us and God called the world and life. God pursues us our whole life. He yearns to be close to us again and he knows it’s possible if only his creation (you) will seek him and yearn to be close to him also. However, the worries and trials of the world take your eyes off God and create such a dense fog you can't see through to Him. The concerns of your life keep you distracted. Your worries make God hazy. A thick fog gets even more dense as the weight of the worldly focus increases.

The fog that keeps God out of reach and out of sight can be lifted with our refocus and retraining of our minds.

The fog may seem thick and unmanageable. But the white clouds can lift when you are willing to put effort into getting as close to God on earth as heavenly possible. Even the most thick fog cannot hide what is right next to you.

Put effort into getting as close to God on earth as heavenly possible.

There will always be a membrane between the heavenly realm (God) and the earthly realm (you), but it is your choice how translucent that membrane is between you and God. It can be like polished glass or frosted. Mary Dumuth wrote a book called A Thin Place. She discusses that the closer you get to God here on earth, the thinner that a membrane is between you and God. What a wonderful feeling to feel and see God. But a wonderful sight to see God through the thin membrane because we have gotten as close to heaven as earthly possible.

You can get as close to heaven as earthly possible.

Are you still in a fog concerning your adoption issues? I propose to refocus. Take your mind and attention off your adoption and place them on God. It’s hard to understand but when you are close to God, things become in focus. Even the things we have no answers for and can’t understand have clarity.

  • Erin E. McEndree

Have you ever correlated your home with your mind? Which are you?

  1. Is your home and mind neat and organized?

  2. Is your home and mind scattered and disordered?

  3. Is your home used effectively, but your mind is impeded?

  4. Is your home a mess, but your mind is arranged effectively?

I admit I am a number 2 with my mind is sprinkled with brilliant clutter.

I have a mistaken belief that if I get my house clean first, I will be able to focus on writing my book or my Life Coaching services. I know this notion needs to be expunged. This pic is not my house, but it could be.

Have you ever seen The Incredibles? Bob gets another call to save the world and angrily yells, "No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. I mean... Sometimes I just want it to stay saved, you know? For a little bit."

I catch myself saying, "No matter how many times you clean the house, it always manages to get dirty again immediately. I mean... Can't it just stay clean for a little bit so I can focus on my passion and heart's desire?"

I hope you are a number 1. Maybe a number 3 or 4 would be easier to change. Lately, I have been doing a couple of things that help. Maybe you can implement some of these to help you get back to doing what God has been telling you.

  • Decide what God has been telling you to get back to it. Is He wanting you to use your life experiences to help others? Is He nudging you to write a book or blog? Is He saying be the best mom you can be? Does He want you to volunteer? What is God placing on your heart?

  • Look around. What is impeding you from doing life with God? My attitude is a big thing. Even doing laundry, dishes and bills, I can do life with God. Those things don't have to be separate; I can involve God in the dishes and laundry and toilet cleaning. What hinders you?

  • Ask for help. I am not good at asking for help.

  • Do what is in front of you without making excuses. Quick! Say okay and start doing it before your mind and Satan make up a stupid excuse. You have about 1/2 a second.

  • I put a tub in the kitchen and began to really evaluate everything. I determined how often I used the thing, if I really loved it, if it was just collecting dust and if I could part with it. Right now I have filled up my tub completely several times and plan to donate it. I could plan to have a garage sale or join a garage sale, but I'll have to store all this stuff, so I am donating it.

Make a list of how you can declutter your mind, body and soul. What can you eliminate? What can you implement? You may think making lists and thinking about these things never helps. Maybe your 2022 goals never panned out, but if you never plan, if you never make a goal, I guarantee, you will hit that. Doing something different is the only way to get something different.

How nice and clean and peaceful this looks. Let's both strive for this in our homes and our minds.

My goal in this chapter is to explain what might have contributed to shaping your brain’s pathways and give you strategies to repair the broken pathway between the automatic systems in your brain and the logical, thinking part that helps you respond appropriately to drama, stress and disrespect others exhibit. I want to give you coping skills that make the ‘jump’ from involuntary reactions to intentional actions that are shorter in duration and less intense.

The human brain is so much more complex than a computer because we can pull from the past while living in the present and it affects our future. That is why being content and settled is so hard, we can’t put aside those bad experiences in the past. They affect our thinking, our actions and reactions.

Adoption is one of those circumstances that can lead to so many feelings and questions. Many times, even the answers and facts can’t satisfy because they cannot erase the previous feelings and long held beliefs. Logic from our neocortex does not help override the emotions we have created.

I have a very wise friend who deals with several mental illnesses who said, “Prepare your mind in the stable times for the unstable moments. Fill your mind with good things like scripture, music with positive messages, books that encourage and TV shows with wholesome messages. What you put into your mind,” she says, “will come to the forefront in times of panic and mania.” She practices surrounding herself with good people she trusts that understand how to help, encourage and support. She is open and honest with those people. She spends time with them volunteering, eating, shopping and worshiping together.

Reimagine your adoption by saying this below. Write it. Post it on a sticky you can see easily. Take it to heart. If you have learned emotions from your previous experiences, whatever they are, you can also avert them, recreate them and refocus on different ones, too. Try it 30 days!!

Adoption is a fact in my life. Adoption is not a guide. Adoption is not an obstacle. Adoption only has the power I give it.

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