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Adoption Reimagined
is now available on Amazon.

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Adoption Reimagined

Building Relationships in the Adoption Arena and What to Do When It Doesn't Work

Life Coach

I help struggling women find peace, purpose and meaning amid life's responsibilities and pressures.

Adoption Strategist

I coach women in the adoption arena about salvaging intimate, parental, adoption relationships and how to cope with broken attachments.


I am available to speak to your women's group or retreat. Click above to get more information.

I am Erin E. McEndree. I am a Certified Life Coach and Mental Health Awareness Coach that helps women who struggle with adoption issues reach peace, purpose and meaning in their specific circumstance. I created Adoption Reimagined for adoptive moms, adoptees and birth mothers to build or repair relationships and what to do when it does not work. 


I believe all three can overcome the agony adoption can create and live joy-filled, purpose-full lives victoriously together. I have been in reunion with my birth mother for over a decade and I have valuable insight for each perspective of the adoption arena. I know relationships can be mended. I know hearts can forgive. I know there is enough love to go around. I believe it because I have achieved it. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen for me, my mom and my birth mother with understanding, patience and grace.


I saw so many women stuck in their circumstances and unable to change. I have a divine story of hope and healing that must be shared to benefit those struggling with adoption issues. I have learned so much over the years about each perspective of adoption. My depth of understanding comes from the connections I have fostered with others who have gone through an adoption experience. 


I focus on advancing emotional, mental, physical, relational and spiritual health in a positive, forward motion.


I dig deep with my clients to uncover what they value and what they stand for. I help bust myths women in the adoption arena believe and the mistaken thinking that keeps them from reaching their full potential in relationships they crave. I offer new perspectives, coping skills and strategies to combat fear, rejection and resentment even when circumstances are not ideal. 

One of my clients said, “Meeting with Erin was a big blessing. I was able to see my part in growth and where I still need healing. God has brought me far in a short time. With Erin’s help, things have been confirmed.”

To learn more about Erin E. McEndree, Adoption Reimagined and Steeped in Purpose, find her on Facebook at Adoption Reimagined; Instagram at; YouTube You can email her at Look around at the programs she offers to help you or someone you love through a tough season of life. 

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