About Me

I see women all the time who don’t know their God-anointed purpose or they have lost sight of it. I help women be who they forgot to be and adopt a new mindset using Biblical perspectives.


Hi, my name is Erin E. McEndree. I have been a Professional Certified Life Purpose Coach since June, 2016. I am also a Mental Health Coach.


I passionately help women understand, accept and share their life and live their best story going forward. 


Your story is the biggest asset you possess that is all yours, all unique, never to be replicated but useful to others… if you are willing to share.

My story began before I was born. My birthmother prayed for a loving family with two parents and my mom and dad prayed for a baby.Their prayers collided in heaven and God placed me exactly where He wanted at the perfect time.


I use my experience to help women adopt unconditional love, acceptance and understanding on a higher level.


If you love gaining clarity, balance and adopting useful strategies to navigate life, you'll feel right at home here.

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