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Have you tried some self help books to solve your biggest struggle? Have you searched the Internet for some helpful tips to reduce your painful situation? Have you watched video after video to remove your stress?


Did you see less than stellar results from those methods? Was it because there was no personal accountability? Was it because you got what you paid for? (possibly nothing)


I don’t want you to be in the exact same place you are now in a month.


In this newest program, you will:

1. identify your fears.

2. become aware of your negative personality traits.

3. determine your wasteful activities.

4. ponder inconsistencies in your life.

5. create action steps to overcome strongholds.

6. replace negative with positive.

7. add beneficial activities to your life.

8. live consistent with your God-given gift.

and more...


If you feel like there is more to life and want clarity about your purpose, this course is for you.


If you want to set important priorities and break strongholds, this course is for you.


15 Lessons and a Video for Each

2 Complimentary Coaching Sessions you book online


$100 Extra Session

15 Days to a Purpose-Full You

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