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2-Day Life Plan Summary; In Person Only; $600


The 2-Day intensive Life Plan evaluates how you are doing today in every area of your life. 


I guide you through defining moments of your life and your reactions to find patterns that need to be broken or accentuated. 


I facilitate your Life Puzzle to see who you have become and if it fits what God has been showing you and whispering to you all your life. 


I help you discover what areas need eliminating, what thoughts need to be refocused, and what passions need uncovering. 


I help you move forward or redirect your steps. 


I help you become aware of what you think about yourself and help you determine if it is destructive or productive. 


I help you discover your best qualities, your greatest strengthens and your hidden passions.


I help you break down blocks, rewrite mistaken thinking, change broken habits and reprogram lies you tell yourself. 


I help you surrender to the life God has planned for you.


I help you make goals for yourself and action steps for your future. I follow up to see how you are progressing and keep you accountable.  


You will become clear about where your life is going, what you need to implement to get there and the pitfalls you are prone to falling into so you can keep a watchful eye out.


In the last session, you will picture what your life will be in six months, a year or three years and I will help you implement strategies to make it all come true. 


With lots of prayer and searching in scripture together your dreams can be reality.


Contact me via email to talk about details and scheduld a time to begin.

2-Day Life Plan Summary

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