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3 Ways to Participate:

A-$97- Workbook Only

B-$325- Workbook + 3 Coaching Sessions + 1 LIVE (Beginning, Middle, End)

C-$775- Workbook + 10 Coaching Sessions + 3 LIVE (One-on-One for each lesson)

email me for payment link for package A and C:



This course helps you identify:


1. God working in your life


2. where your mind goes when it wanders and how to change focus


3. what fear can do to your motivation and how to conquor it


4. how to lessen recations to triggers


5. your worth in Christ


6. what lies you tell yourself and where to look for Truth


7. your family dynamics, good and bad, and strategies to aim higher


8. peace that God offers no matter the situation 


9. what obstacles hold you back and strategies to break them


10 Lessons 

Private Group Access to me 24/7

5 LIVE Group Coaching Sessions (TBA)


$100 For Exta Sessions 


Build Confidence, Self-Worth and Overcome Fear

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