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I had never weighed so much in my life!! I knew I had to do something. I was not about to wait until the scale said 185 or 210 to start. People said, "You don't need to loose weight." Well,  they could not see the pooch under my shirt that fit uncomforably into my jeans. 


Go Weigh Down is a one month program you can attend multiple times. It is offered via a private Facebook group to help you loose pounds natually and without denying yourself. I lost 10lbs in a month. It is not some program. It is a combination of years of observing others and myself to see what works. 


Sign up once and get the benefits of the group over and over. Dates vary! January start for a New Year's new you. May start to get you ready for summer suits. October start in time for family holidays. 


Once you sign up and pay, go to Weigh Down Facebook page to join group. I will let you in the group to begin your journey to a healthier you.



Go Weigh Down

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