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  • Erin E McEndree

Adopt: A Simple Strategy

My family recently went to a destination wedding 11 hours away in downtown Denver, Colorado. Five hours into the trip, my two kids and I stopped, changed vehicles and picked up my parents and my nephew. We crammed two senior citizens’ luggage, two hanging clothes bags, my three bags, three teenagers’ suitcases including two gaming systems, the first aid box, umbrellas and my nephews golf clubs with the plush shark driver cover.

The luggage made an intricate design in the back that also spilled into the back, middle and front seats. It can only be described as a puzzle as each peace fit perfectly adjoined to its neighbor. When it was all arranged, and the back hatch was closed, a perfect spot was created for my nephew’s golf clubs through the back window.

The golf clubs were loaded and unloaded 14 times, but my nephew never played golf. I hope he doesn’t regret not playing. The mountain ridge in the distance was a beautiful backdrop to the course in Colorado Springs.


The Maybes

Do you ever regret not doing something you desired to do? Why didn’t you just say YES? Maybe it was seeing something important on a vacation. Maybe you missed reconciling with someone and now they have passed away. Maybe you desire something, currently, like writing a book, forgiving a friend, going to college or simply cleaning and organizing your home.

There are all kinds of reasons we delay or not pursue things in our heart. I hope you know what blocks you from moving forward towards your dreams. Maybe it is financial. Maybe your family subtly or directly is not supportive and their non-understanding or disapproval paralyze you. Maybe you are a busy mom who does not know how to fit one more activity into her life. Maybe you have a fear of the unknown because you don’t have all the information.


As a Life Coach, I talk to so many women who don’t know where to start, SO, they never say YES. My goal for each of them is to get the information first. Then, the task does not seem so illusive and out of reach. I want to help women build a bridge from where they are to where they want to be.

I want to help women build a bridge from where they are to where they want to be.

If I was coaching my nephew about taking those golf clubs, I would tell him…

  1. Pick a day that is convenient. Preferably, not during the wedding.

  2. Decide where you can play golf.

  3. Google the location, time and money it takes to play.

  4. Reserve it if necessary.

  5. Make plans with everyone else to make sure we can drive you to the golf course. Uber is always an option.

  6. Go and have a good time!!

Do you have a dream that is still a dream because you do not do the work of setting a goal, planning the details, and carrying out the plan? Things left to chance seldom happen in your favor.

Adopt a new strategy for your goals: Evaluate. Plan. Act. Enjoy. Simple.

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