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Adopt X Three

*Adoptees* *Birth Mothers* *Adoptive Parents*

Join my new Facebook group if you are touched by adoption, empathetic and open to encouraging the others.

If you are a woman with adoption issues seeking healing, peace and hope, you are in the right place. This group is different because it supports all adoption X 3. Adoptees, Birth Mothers and Adoptive Parents are all welcome.

I am so passionate to share how I have mastered contentment with a solid foundation and consistent focus on joy. Join to get off the adoption roller coaster. I want to show you how I found peace in loss, how I healed from rejection and how I can hope in my future.

If you would like help

* unlocking your adoption purpose

* finding meaning in adoption

* releasing what tethers you to struggle

Click this link and sign up for the Facebook group. Answer all 3 questions.

You are in the right place if you

* feel out of place at family gatherings

* feel lonely

* wonder if you deserve to be happy

I ask that you be empathetic with every one dealing with their adoption story. Everyone will be on a different point on their journey. No ones is more important. All have weight and loss and beauty and worth.

So glad you are here. Let's get started healing and hoping. Introduce yourself in the group. Add (A), (BM) or (AP). Encourage others.



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