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Adoption ReImagined: Adoptee Week

Being adopted can be lonely and frustrating at times. There will always be situations and feelings to navigate. I am an adoptee and I want to use my experience over the past half century to help other adoptees. I am inclusive and want to help adoptive moms and birth mothers, too. So, the first Thursday of the month is reserved for Adoptees and the issues we face. Adoptive moms and birth mothers get their week, also. The last Thursday is for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from the month.

Many adoptee problems center around broken relationships with others, self and God. Those are the topics I want us to consider. When those 3 parts are addressed, the whole is much healthier.

Adoption Reimagined will help you do just that: re-imagine what it would be like to have good relationships, mended relationships or peaceful with no relationship. I can provide strategies that have worked for me to build relationships and what to do when those strategies don't work.

As a Certified Life Coach and Mental Health Coach, I will help you plan to build and/or rebuild relationships and most important, help you apply and execute your plan.

So many woman need mentors to keep them on track and approaching their goal. I provide motivation, new perspectives and accountability.

When you realize you have a huge part in your own growth and healing and commit to the work, you will gain confident to initiating contact, build relationships, set boundaries if necessary.

I am not naive. I understand some relationships don't work. I have had to deal with that also and I have strategies to counter those emotions, too so the full weight does not affect your life.

Tired of trying to rebuild relationships on your own? Are you out of ideas and patience? Are the quick tips in books and on-line ideas not helping? Click the link to my website to contact me: , sign up for Adoption Periodicals to show up in your email.

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