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Dwelling in the Adoption Triad Excerpt: Acknowledgement

I am excited to share what God has done in my life. Over the past few years I have been growing in confidence to share my adoption story. My story didn’t feel complete until recently because I needed time to make my story relevant in all three relationships of the adoption triad: adoptive parents, adoptees and birth mothers. Although my story is far from complete, I want to share it with you in the hopes you may find hope, healing and peace in your life.


The Acknowledgements

This book is possible because of the way my parents, Sandy and Larry, and extended family presented adoption to me. All of you voluntarily chose to love and nurture two children as your own that were not yours biologically. You instilled in me a deep trust through affection, acceptance of my individuality, purpose for my beginning, my presence completed a family, immersion into your heritage and support for my search when it was time. Because of the children’s books you read to me, I knew I was adopted before I could comprehend the concept, but you made it seem a natural, unique part of me that was tied to my identity. Thank you for weaving adoption into my life and not keeping it a secret. I never felt rejected, abandoned or alone. On the contrary, I felt loved, chosen, blessed, included and unique for having a beginning like no other kid I knew. Adoption was something I was proud of and I demonstrated that when I announced it to my teachers as a small child. It is so prevalent in this world to search for validation from others to feel accepted, included and complete, but you taught me to look higher than this world. You taught me worth didn’t depend on earthly opinions or situations. You taught me that my worth was found in the One who carefully knit me together and marked out my appointed time and place in history. You taught me that Jesus validates my story. And that is why this book was born: to share hope to adoptive parents, healing to adoptees, and peace to birth mothers using my experiences of unconditional love shown to me from before I was conceived. Thank you!

This book would not be complete without coming full circle to meet my birth mother, Jeanette, and her supportive husband, Glenn along with their immediate and extended family who welcomed my family with understanding and acceptance. The times we have spent together have been effortless and endearing. I thank you for treating Jeanette with kindness and grace because I know putting me up for adoption was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Thank you!


If you know anyone who could benefit from my adoption journey, share this with them. I would love to connect and answer any questions. My website is You can also sign up for my Purpose Periodicals and the blog will be sent directly to your inbox.



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