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Love How God Made You

Work with what you have, not against it! Change your perspective.

While talking to an acquaintance, she revealed she thought she was ugly. I was taken aback. Physically, her pretty smile and voluptuous figure was attractive. She went on to say that no one has ever told her she was pretty even though she was married and a mom.

It dawned on me after further conversation that she was waiting on, yearning for and depending on outside validation of her worth from others instead of acting on and moving towards the God-anointed gift already imparted to her inside long ago inside her mothers womb. Her perspective was on worldly things instead of eternal.

1 Corinthians 12:7 says, “To each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” Tapping into the Spirit is an intentional choice to make not a feeling that finally arrives.

Tapping into the Spirit is an intentional choice to make not a feeling that finally arrives.

I believe anyone waiting for outside validation will never get enough to trick their mind into liking themself. They will crave more and more from others, however, others are not equipped nor responsible for helping someone like themself.


How do you begin to love who you are and how God made you?

1. Decide to try. If you cannot say you want to change, there is no hope in you. I know people who stay in their misery and no matter how I try, the TRY can't be mine.

2. Focus on eternal characteristics. Focusing on physical misses the mark. Physical attributes say nothing about the heart that lives underneath your flesh. I know women who compare themselves to an unattainable aspect society has elevated. Problem: in five months the aspect has changed.

3. Focus on what God says. Focusing on what others do and say will only disappoint you. No one can control how others react. When you get offended, you allow others to control you. I know people who try to please everyone and forget to be the person God created them to be.


I told this lady to change her perspective and focus on positive qualities about herself. I encouraged her to stop focusing on negative and create positive.

For example, I told her that being kind is beautiful. Being patient is a good quality. Loving you husband and children well is worth more than gold. Being full of joy is good for others around her. Being faithful is an attractive quality. Being gentle is pleasing. Self-control is excellent.

How can you show the beautiful quality of kindness, joy, gentleness and love? Reflect the Father's love for you. Manifest what is created in you to others for their good. Those qualities are inside your heart waiting to burst forth if you intentionally help them grow.


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