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Offering a Different Perspective Part 1

Imagine your favorite actor, musician or artist standing before a roaring crowd, dressed to the nines with the coveted statue in hand. Tears of joy well up in their eyes as the people settle for a much anticipated speech to thank those who helped them rise to the top. Unfortunately, they are silent. They stand paralyzed. They cannot think of one person to thank for encouragement, support, sponsorship or mentoring. Shortest acceptance speech ever.

That would never happen. Most times the list of people to thank is so long the proverbial crook drags them off stage in mid thanks to someone who helped them reach their goals.

Do you have a non existent list of mentors or supporters who keep you on track with your goals? Is your list small and thus so are your accomplishments? Is your list long resulting in a feeling of fulfillment?

Life Coaching seems to be misunderstood and confusing. However, as a Life Coach, I create a warm environment to help my clients clarify and understand their beliefs and values; offer strategies to accept themselves fully how God created them; and develop a plan to live life purpose-full-y every day.

Here are 8 mistaken thinkings (1-4) I have come across over the years to help you understand that all those accolades your favorite artist mentions during their speech are just Life Coaches who keep them accountable, keep them motivated and keep them inspired.

Mistaken Thinking #1/8: Life Coaches are adequately trained to help everyone.

Reality: Anyone can say they are a Life Coach. Their are as little as three hour courses out there to get ‘certified’.

Me: I became certified in 2016 through Life Purpose Coaching Centers International. It is a Christ-centered coaching program that is equivalent to 3 college credit hours. It is a self paced program. My requirements were to be coached through the whole program first and then coach women through the whole program for free. My instructor, mentor and LPCCI founder, Dr. Katie Brazelton evaluated my every step. I meet another Life Coach, Dr. Jodi Walker, to complete a 2-Day Life Plan and become trained to facilitate it for others.

Tip: Be careful and do your homework. Most Life Coaches will offer a free 1st call to see if you fit as a client and answer any of your questions or concerns. I do! 817-992-3177

Mistaken Thinking #2/8: There are many different types of coaches and you need to find one specific to your needs.

Reality: Life Coaches are trained to help their clients make positive changes. Whether personal issues (less stress, emotional, balancing life, deepening relationships, spiritual, physical) or business issues (better leadership skills, being assertive, starting a business), Life Coaches can help with personal, business, financial, spiritual, physical, emotional goals.

Me: I have a process for clients. I help them solidify their beliefs and values. I help them see different perspectives and identify mistaken thinking. I guide them to name obstacles. I lead them to make goals that target their passion and help them make 3 action steps for each goal. I keep them accountable. I also pray with my clients and use timeless biblical principles.

Tip: Make the first step to begin working on the purpose God has for you whether personal, business, physical, financial or relational. You can find more information on my website

Mistaking Thinking #3/8: Coaching is for people with trauma.

Reality: One thing my instructor, Katie, taught, “We coach well people to be more successful.” Coaching is used to motivate people to move forward beyond obstacles.

Me: I do not coach addicts or women suffering effects of sexual or spousal abuse. I do not coach the opposite sex, for obvious reasons. My goal is to take what my client already has— their God-given strengths and gifts— and guide them to future accomplishments that they are not self-disciplined enough to achieve on their own. I look forward with my clients and only look back to help them realize what gifts God has created them with that have been there all along!

Tip: To see what gifts God has knit you together with, get my free Life Puzzle by clicking HERE and requesting the Life Puzzle. Discover the strengths you have been displaying your whole life, but may not have realized. Then call me for a session to discover how you can use the gifts and talents God gave you. 817-992-3177

Mistaken Thinking #4/8: Life Coaching is a huge commitment of time.

Reality: If you have time to talk on the phone to a friend 20 minutes a week OR time to get lost as you peruse Facebook every night OR meet a friend for coffee once a month, you have time to work on yourself, gain confidence and reach your dreams working with a Life Coach.

Me: I work with my client’s schedule. If my client is local, I can meet at a coffee shop. For the farther away client, I can meet via video call or a phone conference. The benefit for a phone or video call: wear pjs, never leave the house and flexible times. I have weekly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions available.

Tip: You never know until you try. I aways tell my coaching clients, “Get the knowledge!” Go to my website and gain knowledge. Sign up for my Purpose Periodicals and get tips and info right in your inbox.

Look for Mistaken Thinking 4-8 soon!



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