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Offering a Different Perspective Part 2

When I first started writing my book about my adoption story and how I used my experience to help struggling adoptees, I looked at other similar books at the book stores. I noticed they all had an acknowledgement page. I froze thinking about how utterly short my acknowledgement page would be. I began to get advice and support and knowledge from others. Now, can say my page will be full of mentors and special people who have cheered me on, helped with with the technical stuff and honed my skills.

Do you have a non existent acknowledgement page of mentors or supporters who keep you on track with your goals? Is your list small and thus so are your accomplishments? Is your list long resulting in a feeling of fulfillment?

Life Coaching seems to be misunderstood and confusing. I want to be able to be on your acknowledgement page because I propelled you to your goal and held your feet to the fire until you accomplished it.

Here is the second part of 8 mistaken thinkings (5-8) I have come across over the years to help you understand that all those acknowledgements in your favorite books, who kept them accountable, kept them motivated and kept them inspired are offered to you as well.

Mistakening Thinking #5/8: Choose a Life Coach you know that is your friend.

Reality: As nice as it is to go get coffee with a friend and have a long conversation, that friend is not trained or bold enough to ask the tough questions, keep you accountable and motivate you to move forward with your plans and goals. Coaching focuses on your goals, not your coach’s goals. Coaches are not your friends. They need to be able to tell it to you straight and hold your feet to the fire.

Me: I will be your advocate, cheerleader, accountability partner. I will ask you the hard questions that stretch you and help you reach the targets you set. I believe you can do more than you think you can.

Tip: Get my free goal planner by clicking HERE and telling me what your 2020 goal is for the year.Then schedule a call to discover how I can help you achieve the dreams you set aside long ago.

Mistaken Thinking #6/8: A Life Coach knows what you should do.

Reality: A good Life Coach helps their client explore many options and perspectives like the many facets on a diamond. Then they encourage them to choose what is right for their lifestyle, their family, their activity level and their personality.

Me: I do not tell you what to do. I have a vast knowledge of information because I read everything and apply biblical perspectives to life. Many of my clients have said, “I’ve never thought of it that way before.”

Tip: Don’t be afraid to tweak your thinking. Zig Ziggler talks about Stink’en Think’en. Click HERE to watch and see what positive thinking can do.

Mistaken Thinking #7/8: Life Coaching is expensive.

Reality: For the price of a pair of shoes or a new lipstick that always leaves you craving a different style or color, coaching transforms you over time helping you solidify a better you. That expense is worth developing qualities that benefit you and your family for the rest of your life. Shoes wear out and lipsticks get used up, but good character is valuable for a lifetime.

Me: My coaching packages range from $60 to $500 and many prices in between. I have Self-Guided lessons, One-on-One sessions and a monthly session available to work with your schedule and commitment level. I also offer group coaching. Payment plans are available.

Tip: All sessions are custom made and unique for the client. Check out the Shop HERE and see if a session is right for you or call and schedule a call to discover what amount of sessions are right for you. 817-992-3177

Mistaken Thinking #8/8: When coaching is over, it’s over.

Reality: When coaching sessions are complete, the client will have many useful skills in their arsenal. The challenge is rouse these skills, tools and metal weapons or fall back into their old patterns.

Me: I will still be available via email and my FB page to hone the skills that were acquired and be available for questions and encouragement. You don’t get rid of me that easily. I’ve been praying for you before I met you and will long after we are done.

Tip: You can get encouragement every morning on my private FB page. Look up Steeped In Purpose or click HERE and ask to join.



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