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Positivity Post

(Not actual lady in photo)

Think you can't overcome? Think you can't handle what life is throwing out to you? Listen to this lady's story.

Look at her smile! This photo represents a lady I met over 8 years ago. She had been through a horrible ordeal, but managed to smile. How? Keep reading and find out.

This lady was kidnapped, tortured and naked for over 10 days. I won't even mention in detail the terror she went through for almost 2 weeks. But, here is what I want to focus on...this lady thanked God for working behind the scenes to get her help. She said she feels safe knowing the man will never be able to pursue her again. She told the news reporter that she was trying to forgive the man.

When I met this lady, she was surrounded by people who were helping her get her life back to her new normal. She was humble. She was appreciative. She was grateful. She was relying on God.

She could only get through this with so much grace because she focused on grace and mercy and forgiveness for her attacker. She knows this strategy works. She would tell you it has made all the difference in her world. She still has moments of terror, I'm sure, but much less of a blow than without God to bolster her.

Trauma does not define her or keep her trapped in fear. It is an inspiration to know this lady and be able to talk to her. I only hope I have as much grace as she does.



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