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Take Back Control

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

When the butterfly flew off my daughter’s hand, she yelled, “Come back, flutterfly!”

What happened next was an epic meltdown that I’m sure even the neighbors down our country road could hear. The yelling and screaming and laying on the ground thrashing most likely caused all butterflies, roly-polies, stink bugs, crickets and bees to take cover and hide their ears.

All I could do was giggle a little and scoop her up in my arms as I took her into the house to try and get attention off the butterfly who had taken flight.

My daughter could not understand that the butterfly was not hers. She could not understand that the butterfly could no be controlled. She could not think about what would happen if she touched its fragile wings or placed it in her bug jar with the green lid. Her maturity level was still in the egocentric stage of development. Thinking of others, patience, refocus and self-control were yet to be learned.

What about you? Is there something out of your control that causes you to have anxiety? Do you need help letting go? Does it cause you to loose sight of other opportunities around you like my daughter?

Giving up control is one of the hardest steps for women, but it doesn't have to be.

Letting go of a job that others depend on is a risk and leap of faith, but with a good plan, it could happen sooner than later. Start planning to say goodbye to your current employer with education, resumes or networking.

Letting go of all the responsibilities you said YES to because of pressures allows you to refocus on your top priorities of wife, mom and family.

“Sometimes you have to let go of the picture of what you thought life would be like and learn to find joy in the story you are actually living.” Rachel Marie Martin

Letting go of your dreams for the perfect spouse, children, financial security or dream vacations open your heart for God’s best for you.

Do any of these scenarios cause you to panic, have tunnel vision, drop the ball on important things or loose sight of other’s needs?

I encourage you to transform into the unique purpose God crafted for you and allow some things to flit and flutter away. Toiling along in a job or task or dream that is contrary to how God created you produces undesirable qualities.

For fun, take this free personality test.

It includes: Individual Traits, Strengths, Weaknesses, Career Path, Habits and much more. I would love to know how accurate it was for you and if it was helpful to getting you closer to becoming the woman you forgot to be. It was very accurate for me.

By-the-way, if my daughter could have controlled her emotions, maybe she would have seen the bunny hopping across the tree line. As it was, the bunny ducted for cover as well.

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1 Comment

Michael Lum
Michael Lum
Jan 15, 2019

very good reminder of trusting God and letting go at times

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