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Adoption ReImagined: Birth Mother Week, Introduction

Being a birth mother can be traumatic. It is a whole different trauma than adoptees or adoptive moms have.

I want to use my experience to help struggling birth mothers navigate relationship with adoptive children and their parents and what to do when that is not possible.

I am inclusive and want to help adoptees and adoptive moms, too. So, each Monday of the month will be reserved for Birth Mothers and the issues they face. Adoptees are on the first Monday and Adoptive Moms are on the second Monday. The last week of the month is reserved for Frequent asked Questions (FAQ) from the month. (The previous 2 blogs said that the blogs would come out on Thursdays during the month. Then, I tweaked my approach and decided Monday would be best...the beginning of the week.)

Many birth mother's problems center around loss and not feeling worthy of future blessings in their lives. When there is loss of relationship with others, self and God, contentment and purpose is harder to find. Those are the topics I want us to consider. When those three parts are addressed, the whole is much healthier.

Adoption Reimagined will help you do just that: re-imagine what it could be like to build and maintain good relationships, repair broken relationships or become content when there is no relationship. I can provide strategies that I personally experienced with my birth mother that worked for us to build a healthy relationship (with my parents, too!) and what to do when those strategies don't work.

So many women need a mentor to provide new perspectives, new strategies and keep them accountable and on track to their goal. I want to help you commit to learning new strategies to be at peace. I am not naive. I understand all strategies do not work in all situations.

Are you in need of some different tools, because the ones you have been using have not helped you reach the results you want? Are you at a loss? Or do you have a great strategy to share with others?

Click the website to contact me You could also sign up for the Adoption Periodicals so you don't miss a week.

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